Global Security Solutions

Global Security Solutions 

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Global Capabilities

The activities of Global Security Solutions started in the early nineties

Its mission is to invest and insure the provision of diversified quality services to customers worldwide with maximum returns for its efforts.

In performing our work we believe in fairness and respect to all those who deal with us as employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Our philosophy of utilizing local resources in managing our operations allows us to seek opportunities and deliver services in these markets while maintaining strong cultural links with the communities we serve. As we move forward we will continue to adhere to our basic principles of integrity, quality and financial prudence
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​​Through the proximity to our customers and our ability to mobilize world-wide skills and financial instruments, we have been able to grow and manage complex projects, such as mega power plants. 

​Among them are operations which involved huge number of specialists of various technical skills and wide experience.

In every project we expect from ourselves to give customer the highest level of proficiency and quality. Solutions which we deliver are created to meet expectations of our business partners.

Our characteristics of being global and our close cooperation over the years with large international suppliers and partners have given us the ability for fast mobilization and execution.

Such aproach enable us to optimize the projects schedules while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Global Security Solutions is fully capable of assembling the required resources from our various specialized associated companies worldwide to meet project demands.

The technical and management experience is complemented by the group's ability to finance large scale projects utilizing its internal resources as well as its valued status with leading financial institutions.

For us complex projects and great challenges are main stream of business. Using full potential of variety means for us developing synergy based on the common ground of shared values.

Global Security Solutions is a global partner in Energy, Civil and Industrial Construction, Maintenance & Repair, Operations and Training, Agriculture, Hospitality and Real Estate. The diversified work that is undertaken covers a wide spectrum of activities including engineering and construction, petroleum, manufacturing, tourism, real estate, industrial services and trade.

Our presence in the petroleum sector involves vertically integrated activities including exploration, refining and distribution. The group's manufacturing portfolio spans numerous fields such as food, biomedical, metal and many other industries.